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Nursing –The Ultimate Adventure

Tools to help recruit students into nursing

The National Student Nurses' Association Breakthrough to Nursing Project is pleased to announce the availability of tools to inform junior and senior high school students about the exciting opportunities registered nursing has to offer. These tools are available to schools of nursing, hospitals, and health care agencies to recruit future nursing students.

Nursing - the Ultimate Adventure Videotape This fast-paced, ten-minute video stars boys and girls in high school who have made the decision to enter nursing. Their testimonials reflect the core values of the profession as the reasons for going into nursing. The myriad of nursing opportunities (many careers in one) are highlighted. The video does not address the different choices of undergraduate nursing education programs.. These and other details are included in literature that accompanies the video and on NSNA's web page.

Nursing - The Ultimate Adventure Pamphlet A colorful, four-panel pamphlet explains what nursing is; how to apply to nursing school; what nursing school is like; the educational pathways to becoming an RN; salary, benefits and licensure requirements; and resources for additional information. Each video comes with 100 pamphlets with additional pamphlets available for purchase. The pamphlet is also a stand alone piece and is available for a nominal cost to cover printing and postage.

For purchasing and pricing information on NSNA's tools to recruit teens into nursing, click here or call the NSNA office at (718) 210-0705. You can also obtain information by faxing us at (718) 797­1186, or e-mailing .

Discover Nursing Career Center

Resources to help potential nursing students explore a career in nursing, as well as information for nursing students preparing to launch their career, are featured on this new area of NSNA's web page, . The page includes information about selecting a nursing program; how to apply to nursing school; scholarship and student loan information; career opportunities; and links to nursing schools, nursing organizations, and other resources. The Career Center includes information for students preparing to graduate from nursing school with links to hospitals that have positions for new graduates.

Guidelines for starting a Breakthrough to Nursing Project

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