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April/May 2014:
Getting Access for Those in Need
February/March 2014: Prevention through Regulation

Participate in nursing grassroots advocacy with ANA’s N-STAT program

ANA's Nurses Strategic Action Team (N-STAT) makes it easy for you to unite with your colleagues across the nation and let lawmakers know how you feel. N-STAT keeps you up to speed on key bills as they move through Congress, lets you know when your e-mails, phone calls, and letters will make the most impact, and keeps you informed on ANA legislative activities.  Please sign up for ANA's N-STAT today at

Legislation 101 [PPT]  

Educate Yourself on Legislation/Education to Start Facilitating Change

Legislation/Education Committee Invites NSNA Chapters to Get Out the Vote

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Guidelines for Planning: Legislative Activities

Getting the Pieces to Fit


The Americans for Nursing Shortage Relief (ANSR) Alliance represents a diverse cross-section of health care and other related organizations, health care providers, and supporters of nursing issues that have united to address the national nursing shortage and the delivery of high quality nursing care to the nation. Read more

Are You Covered?

NSNA members and their eligible spouse and dependents can purchase group injury and sickness insurance provided by United Healthcare Student Resources. The plan includes prescription drug coverage and continuation privilege for a period of up to nine months after graduation if eligible. It is affordable for students and their dependents. Available in most states. Visit or call 1-800-505-5450 for more information.

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to find information on additional benefits to nursing students from United Healthcare Student Resources for discount dental and vision plans and the Collegiate Assistance Program (CAP) providing 24/7 toll-free access to help in stressful situations. 

The Purpose of the Legislation/Education Committee

Why Students Should Participate in their Legislation/Education Committee