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Submit Your Photos to be Published in Imprint!

Stock images of students and healthcare professionals are often used in each issue; however, we would love to utilize Imprint to promote student nurses, with more NSNA members represented on our pages! It is very important to keep professionalism and image of nursing in mind when sending in photos. (Even if it’s just a group of classmates in class or studying together on someone’s living room floor.)

A few things to consider:

  • Every person in a photo submitted must sign and submit a PHOTO RELEASE FORM
  • Absolutely NO photos of patients (even if they sign a release form)
  • Try to keep corporate logos out of the shot (Coke cans, labels, etc.)
  • If the photo is in a clinical setting, avoid anything with the hospital/clinic name in the background or you will need to submit a release form from the clinical site itself.


  • Try for “active” photos: rather than everyone looking straight into the camera, go for more candid shots, such as a classmate looking at the instructor; two students looking at each other and smiling/laughing; a friend doing research on a laptop in a park; the possibilities are endless!
  • Utilize some of the popular smartphone photo apps if you want (Instagram, Hipstamatic, CameraBag), but make sure your quality settings are set to high.

Submit your medium-high to high quality photo to


.  Fax your signed photo release forms to 718-797-1186 (or scan and attach to your email).  Be sure to include the name of each person (and their school).