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 Escalate Your Career By Breaking Barriers

Established in 1965, the mission of the Breakthrough to Nursing (BTN) project is to organize, represent, and mentor students preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses, as well as those nurses enrolled in baccalaureate completion programs, in becoming practitioners sensitive to the cultural diversity that exists in our society. The project promotes the development of the skills needed to be responsible, accountable members of the nursing profession who respect the differences and similarities between people, advocates high quality care, utilizing the principles of transcultural nursing, and facilitates the development of peer support systems, which enhance recruitment and retention within the nursing profession. 

Breakthrough to Nursing Committee:
Jae Lim, Chair  
Sabrina Lozier
Adam Tebbe

BTN Stories

Lizzette Chavez
Image and BTN Director
Michigan Nursing Students Association 
Scrubs Camp 

Daniel Duron, CNSA                                               Brandy Greensmith
BTN Committee Member                                        BTN Chair Student Nurses' Ass.
California State University-Stanislaus, CA             University of North FL., Jacksonville, FL 
Science Day                                                        The Interview Workshop
  Abaneh Ebangwese                 Stephanie Swope                     Andrew Richardson
   Vice President                          BTN Director                            Legislative Chair
 Maryland Association of         Maryland Association of             Maryland Association of
Nursing Students(MANS)      Nursing Students (MANS)         Nursing Students (MANS)
Camp Cardiac: Panel of Nursing Students Presenting on the Nursing Profession    

BTN Seasonal Memos
Winter Memo

Fall Memo
Summer Memo

Breakthrough To Nursing: Escalate Your Career By Breaking Barriers
2015 MidYear BTN Presentation 
Breakthrough to Nursing Resources

NSNA Publications
Guidelines for Planning: Breakthrough to Nursing (includes how to get a committee started)  
Getting the Pieces to Fit- NSNA Handbook for State Associations and School Chapters
NSNA Awards & Honors Booklet – win awards for your projects
Imprint - NSNA’s professional magazine for student nurses

Leadership University: Earn academic credit for participating in NSNA Breakthrough to Nursing projects.



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