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Akesso shoes provide all-day comfort; safety for those where slips, trips, falls and contamination are daily hazards; and style without compromise. NSNA members receive a 20% discount. Use discount code NSNA20 at checkout.

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   5 Great Benefits of akesso Shoes 


1) What got on your shoes today? Contaminants are all over your workplace. Akesso shoes are easy to clean and protect against our product demonstration video (video button w headline What got on your shoes today?)

2) Do your feet, knees or back ache at the end of the day? Akesso shoes have a unique combination of light weight, cushioning, flexibility and support. They compliment your natural gait and increase all day comfort.

3) Do your current shoes help prevent you from slipping & falling? Slippery situations occur everyday at work. akesso shoes are slip resistant and provide high performance traction with soles designed just like a boat shoe. (visual of sole w/ razor siping)

4) How Much Do Your Shoes Weigh? During the average shift a health care professional takes 6,000 steps. Akesso shoes are 40% lighter than traditional clogs. Over the course of the day that means a noticeable reduction in fatigue and discomfort.

5) How Well Do Your Shoes Fit? Akesso shoes have secure fit with American whole and half sizing and are designed to stay on your feet. Our shoes are built on a women’s specific last (foot form) – no Euro or Unisex sizing here!

   About akesso 


Akesso professional footwear, a Massachusetts based company designs and manufactures specialized footwear for healthcare professionals who we call the “athlete in scrubs.”

Akesso shoes provide comfort for those on their feet all day and safety for those who work where slips, trips, falls and contamination are daily hazards. akesso shoes blend function and fashion.

For more information visit akesso.