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 Code of Conduct for NSNA Meetings


The National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) acknowledges the rights and privileges of members, visitors, faculty, speakers, exhibitors, student activity table sponsors, program and event sponsors, and all those who attend NSNA meetings and conventions to be treated with respect and courtesy. To ensure an environment conducive to professional growth and development, the NSNA Board of Directors approved the following Code of Conduct:



  1. All exhibitors must follow the policies as stated in the Exhibit Prospectus and the application for exhibit space.

  2. All exhibit booths must have a professional appearance and may display or sell items considered to reflect a professional image of nursing; items deemed to demean or discredit the profession of nursing and/or nursing students, patients/clients, faculty and others, shall be removed at the request of the NSNA Board of Directors.  (If there is any question about the nature of this regulation, exhibitors are encouraged to request that NSNA review items they are planning to sell prior to arrival at convention or conference site—contact A J Jannetti, Inc. for more information.)

  3. NSNA may, at its discretion, accept or reject any application for exhibit space.

  4. When collecting personal data from attendees, exhibitors are required to disclose how the information will be used and shared with others.

  5. No beverages containing alcohol may be served, offered, or distributed in the exhibit hall or in any activity associated with NSNA.

  6. Any infringement of the Code of Conduct should be immediately reported to the show management or NSNA staff.



  1. Speakers are expected to present topics appropriate for entry-level registered nurses in the case of NSNA members; and content appropriate for faculty for faculty workshops.

  2. Speakers are expected to dress in business attire when making presentations and in all formal settings. Contact NSNA to request guidelines for business attire.  

  3. Speakers shall not solicit business, present product information, distribute products, promote their own business, or use the program in any manner whatsoever to inform attendees about products and services. An exhibit booth may be rented for this purpose.

  4. Adhere to deadlines for providing NSNA with program information such as but not limited to: speaker biography, program objectives and outline of content, audiovisual needs request, hotel arrival and departure dates.

  5. Stay within time limits as determined by NSNA and provide time for questions and answers when appropriate.

  6. Handouts are the responsibility of the speaker unless otherwise arranged with NSNA. Written permission must be obtained by speaker to distribute copyrighted information.

  7. Speakers must request permission to photograph, videotape, film, or record their own presentation no less than 10 days prior to the scheduled program. The official show photographer, NSNA staff, and designated contractors are exempt from this rule.

  8. NSNA may, at its discretion, accept or reject any request to sponsor or present a program. 

  9. Topics for presentation are determined collaboratively with sponsor and NSNA; NSNA shall have the right to approve all final program topics and content.

  10. Topics and speakers shall not be substituted without written permission of NSNA.


Student Activity Tables:


  1. Official NSNA school and state chapters may rent a table for the purpose of raising funds for their chapter.

  2. The chapter representative must sign the Student Activity Table Regulations and Disclaimer document and pay the required table rental fee prior to placing items on the table.

  3. Once a table has been assigned to a chapter, representatives may not relocate the table or table number to any other space without first obtaining permission from NSNA.

  4. Items for sale at the Student Activity tables are for the purpose of official school or state association fundraising and items can only be sold in the Student Activity Area.

  5. NSNA is not responsible for the sale of any merchandise, materials, fund-raising activities (i.e. drawings) or any other activities that take place at the Student Activity Area.

  6. NSNA urges individual members to combat the unprofessional image of nursing by refraining from purchasing, wearing, or displaying articles or slogans demeaning to professional nursing and nursing students.  Procedures for Handling Allegations of Unethical Conduct at association activity tables:
    a. All allegations of unethical or unprofessional conduct shall be immediately reported in writing and delivered to a member of the NSNA Board of Directors or NSNA Executive Staff member.
    b. Three representatives of the NSNA Board of Directors will meet with all involved in the conduct in question.
    c. The Board representatives will determine the outcome of the conduct.
    d. Penalties may include: Removal of item(s) in question; Removal of student activity table.
    e. The action of the Board representatives may be appealed to the full Board
    of Directors within 24 hours.
    f. Following appeal, the decision of the Board of Directors shall be final.

  7. Food and beverage items may not be sold or given away in the Student Activity Area.

  8. Alcoholic beverages are not served at official NSNA student program events, and participants may not use, consume or bring alcoholic beverages into or upon the premises of any venue where such official events are held; nor shall any participant use the premises of any facility provided by NSNA, including Student Activity Tables, to promote any non-NSNA event where alcohol is served, nor sell tickets or other promotional items that endorse events where alcohol is served.

  9. Chapter representatives must accept responsibility for safeguarding items and funds; NSNA does not provide security for the Student Activity Tables. 

Meeting Etiquette:

  1. All attendees of NSNA conventions and conference shall conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner showing respect to others at all times.

  2. All attendees shall keep their badge in full view at all times while attending the meeting.

  3. All members shall conduct themselves in accordance with the NSNA Code of Professional Conduct.

  4. All attendees are asked to arrive on time to meetings, events, and programs and attend the entire meeting.

  5. Professional business attire or business casual attire is acceptable style of dress for professional meetings.


Please direct your questions and concerns to a member of the NSNA Board of Directors or to an NSNA Executive Staff member.



Approved by the NSNA Board of Directors on February 12, 2006.