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    NSNA Graduation Cords

    Do you want to celebrate your graduation and participation in NSNA? NSNA graduation cords have a great new look and are available for purchase now! The blue and white cords, now with a distinctive charm that displays the NSNA logo, can be worn with other honor cords. By purchasing a graduation cord, you indicate your participation and commitment to nurses and nursing students in your chapter and in professional organizations. A portion of your purchase also benefits the Foundation of the NSNA’s General Scholarship Program. Support the future of the nursing profession today!
    Graduation Cord & Key Chain Order Form  BULK ORDERS ONLY


    Strength, determination and caring are some of the many attributes that come to mind when thinking of nurses and the nursing profession. Every day, nurses touch the lives of countless patients, personifying the care and commitment that is nursing.

      Today’s nurses are advocates for patients, educators, community health providers, caregivers, agents for changes, researchers, and agents for change. They provide emotional and social support and combine the best of science and technology with people skills, including communication, problem solving, teaching, and compassion. They simply care and more importantly, save lives – every day.(Source: TOUCHlives™ Bracelet Brochure, 2005)

    Even though nurses are all of these things, the critical nursing shortage threatens to affect the quality of care that patients receive. That is why the Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association (FNSNA) has joined with Medical Staffing Network (NYSE:MRN) to raise funds for undergraduate nursing scholarships and to support the future of the nursing profession through the sale of the TOUCHlives™ Bracelets.

    You can show your support for nurses and the future of the nursing profession by purchasing your very own TOUCHlives™ Bracelet for $2 (plus shipping and handling) or you can order the bracelets in bulk. Each bracelet is accompanied by a brochure that informs us how nurses “touch lives” and what we can do to support them. By purchasing this bracelet, you are ensuring that nursing students will always have funds available to support their education.

    These bracelets along with the brochures are a symbol and a testament of how nurses “touch lives” one day at a time, one life at a time. To purchase a TOUCHlives™ bracelet, download an order form here.