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    Forever Nursing…The Endowment Campaign for FNSNA

    Gold Level Sponsorship Benefits
    Individuals/Organizations that establish an endowment at the Gold Level receive the following sponsorship benefits:

    • Recognized at convention Opening/Awards Ceremony with engraved plaque.
    • Recognized in the sponsor DVD shown at NSNA events with logo
    • Broadcast email to NSNA members and faculty with a link to the organization website
    • Recognized at recognition events
    • Four color logo and website address in final endowment campaign report (Only for contribution of $500,000 or more)
    • Four color logo and website address on recognition page in all NSNA/FNSNA publications
    • Recognized in Donor Award Notification Letter
    • Website banner with link to sponsor (Only for contribution of $500,000 or more)
    • Listed on the NSNA website.



    Helene Fuld Health Trust Scholarship for Baccalaureate Nursing Students
    Established by the Helene Fuld Health Trust, HSBC Bank, USA Trustee

    In 1935, Dr. Leonhard Felix Fuld and his sister, Florentine created a foundation to honor the memory of their mother, Helene Schwab Fuld who was interested in health issues.  Originally dedicated to the “relief of poverty, suffering, sickness and distress,” Dr. Fuld later limited the Foundation’s focus to “the improvement of the health and welfare of student nurses. The Helene Fuld Health Trust, HSBC Bank, USA Trustee established a $500,000 endowment fund to fund scholarships for baccalaureate nursing students.

    The Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future Scholarship
    Established by the Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future

    In 2002, Johnson & Johnson launched the Campaign for Nursing’s Future aimed at addressing the critical nursing shortage that faces this country.  Through this $250,000 endowment fund, Johnson & Johnson will continue to support registered nurses advance in their career.

    3M Health Care/Littmann Stethoscope Scholarship
    Established by 3M Health Care

    3M Health Care, a leading stethoscope industry provider established a $100,000 scholarship endowment that is open to all NSNA members.  3M Health Care has also supported the FNSNA by providing sponsorship for various fundraising events such as the live auction NSNA’s Annual Convention.

    Anthony J. Jannetti Scholarship Endowment
    Established by Anthony J. Jannetti, Inc.

    Anthony J. Jannetti, Inc. is an association management, marketing, and publishing company serving the health care industry and specialty nursing associations.  President and CEO Anthony J. Jannetti is a longtime supporter of the FNSNA and served as a Trustee and President of the FNSNA Board of Trustees.  This endowment supports nursing students who are involved in NSNA and who are looking to advance their education.

    Dion Scholarship for Nursing Informatics
    Decision Critical Nursing Informatics Scholarship
    Eileen Bowden Memorial Scholarship Endowment

    Established by Kenneth Dion and Decision Critical

    As a nursing student, Dr. Dion recognized the benefits of joining the NSNA.  Currently he serves as the President of the FNSNA Board of Trustees.  Supporting the future of Nursing informatics is at the core of the Dion Scholarship for Nursing Informatics and the Decision Critical Nursing Informatics Scholarship.  

    The Eileen Bowden Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Eileen Bowden, RN.  Ms. Bowden, a school nurse in Santa Clara, California.  When called to save the life of her colleague, she sprang into action immediately.  After administering CPR to her colleague, Ms. Bowden collapsed and later died.  On that fateful day, she proved through her actions that nursing was not only a career but a calling.  Her legacy will live on in this scholarship endowment to support nursing students interested in serving their communities.

    Oncology Nursing Scholarship
    Established by the Oncology Nursing Society, Oncology Nursing Society Foundation, and the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation.

    The Oncology Nursing Society is a professional organization dedicated to excellence in patient care, education, research, and administration in oncology nursing.  For many years, the Oncology Nursing Society has supported the future of the oncology nursing profession through the general scholarship program.  Together with the ONS Foundation and Certification Corporation, these organizations can continue to support baccalaureate nursing students with an interest in oncology in perpetuity through this endowment.

    Presidential Scholarship Endowment

    Nursing students looking to gain valuable leadership experience, while attending school full time, may seek out an elected position on the NSNA Board of Directors.  The time commitment from all board members is great.  However, this commitment is greater for the President.  The 2007-2008 NSNA Board of Directors established the Presidential Scholarship Endowment to assist the NSNA President with additional educational expenses which have been forgone due to the time commitments of the position.

    Thomas Edwards Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Established by Robert V. Piemonte

    For many years, Thomas Edwards served the National Student Nurses Association in various roles including Career Center Webmaster.  He was an exceptional colleague and friend and his memory lives on through this scholarship fund.