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    Forever Nursing

    Forever Nursing…The Endowment Campaign for FNSNA

    Bronze Level Sponsorship Benefits
    Individuals/Organizations that establish an endowment at the Silver Level receive the following sponsorship benefits:

    • Recognized in the sponsor DVD shown at NSNA events with logo
    • Listed on the NSNA website
    • Broadcast email to NSNA members and faculty with a link to the organization website
    • Listed in final endowment campaign program (FNSNA Donor and above only)
    • Recognized at recognition events (FNSNA Donor and above only)


    FNSNA Mentor

    • Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses
    • Paul & Sharon Brigner
    • Pamela Cipriano
    • Michael & Donna Nickitas

    FNSNA Friend

    • Versant RN Residency

    FNSNA Advocate

    • Carylin M. Holsey

    FNSNA Donor

    • Apex Innovations
    • Hershaw Davis, Jr.
    • Anne Thorne Picard
    • Twila Shesky
    • Sylvia Rayfield & Associates
    • University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing

    FNSNA Supporter

    • Lauren Brewer
    • Barbara Chamberlain
    • Nancy Dion
    • David Horner
    • Wilma LaCava
    • Pearl Moore