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      The Marilyn Bagwell Leadership Development Grant is now available!

     The purpose of the Marilyn Bagwell Leadership Development Grant is to foster the development of leadership skills in nursing students at the school level.

     A grant award of up to $2,500 is given to one nursing program annually that wishes to establish or enhance their involvement in NSNA.  Funds are provided for the following:

    o    School clubs wishing to create an official NSNA chapter.  For more information about starting a chapter, refer to Getting the Pieces to Fitavailable on under “publications”.

    o    Special initiatives/activities of an official NSNA Chapter where leadership principles can be applied and learned, and promote the advancement of the NSNA Resolutions adopted by the NSNA House of Delegates within the last ten years. (Note: A portion of the funds can be used to support attendance at NSNA meetings or conventions).

    The school that receives the grant is recognized at the NSNA Annual Convention during the Opening Ceremony.  The 63rd NSNA Annual Convention takes place in Phoenix, Arizona.  The Opening Ceremony is on Wednesday evening, April 8, 2015.

    A faculty advisor from the nursing program must apply for the grant. Individual students are not eligible to apply! 


    A Statement of Assessment describing the current status of your local NSNA chapter or school club including a description of demonstrated leadership activities must be detailed on the application.

    A description (Purpose of the Grant) of how the grant funds will be used to create or enhance involvement of nursing students in NSNA and build leadership capacity must be uploaded to the application directly on the website.

    The deadline to complete the grant application is Friday, February 13, 2015.

    To view and/or complete the Marilyn Bagwell Leadership Development Grant click here.