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    Beginning May 6th, National Nurses Week commences across the nation with celebrations and acknowledgments of nurses and the nursing profession.  It is a time for nurses to be recognized for their work in all segments of society that often get overlooked.

    In honor of National Nurses Week, you can do your part to support the future of the nursing profession by recognizing a student nurse, registered nurse or nurse educator with a donation to the Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association, Inc. (FNSNA). 

    The FNSNA exists to promote the nursing profession through scholarship, leadership, and development.  When you make a donation to the FNSNA, you not only support educational endeavors of nursing students, but you help to shape future leaders in healthcare.  Your gift supports nursing students to continue their education and gain necessary leadership skills that will continue to be used throughout their careers.

    If you know a student nurse, registered nurse or nurse educator, make a lasting tribute to that individual by donating today and publicly recognize them for their impact on your life and the lives of others. 

    By honoring a nurse with a donation on their behalf, the honoree will receive a special gift based on the level of your donation:

      $25-$49  $50-$74 $75-$99  $100 + 
    "I'm Invested" Pin   X  X  X  X
    Listed on FNSNA Website  X  X  X  X
    Listed in Sept/Oct Imprint    X  X  X
    7 Summits Book      X  X
    "Nursing- Career for
    a Lifetime" DVD
         X  X
    Graduation Cord / Key
    Chain (for students only)