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The NSNA Council of State Presidents (COSP) is a meeting that takes place at the NSNA Annual Convention and the NSNA Annual MidYear Conference.  State presidents and the NSNA Board of Directors and other invited participants meet to discuss the priorities of the organization, its activities and accomplishments for the year, and to share state association challenges and ideas. The Council of State Presidents Planning Committee plans a meeting agenda that allows for the interchange and consultation between state presidents, the NSNA Board of Directors, and staff.

The COSP Planning Committee was elected on Friday, November 6, 2015 in Atlanta, GA.

Shawn Guerette,
President, Student Nurses' Association of South Carolina, Inc.


Shawn Palmer, California Nursing Students' Association
Chandler Cracraft, Arkansas Nursing Students' Association
Allison Scully, Student Nurses' Association of Maine


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