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ANA & NLN Consultants to the NSNA Board of Directors


Click to view interviews with current and past consultants speaking on the consultant role, shared governance, and Leadership U.

Resources for State & School Consultants/Advisors

Consultants and Advisors Handbook

NSNA Stellar School Chapter Recognition Program Information

Stellar School Chapter Recognition Criteria Categories Description

NSNA Stellar School Chapter Recognition Program Application

NSNA Stellar School Chapter Recognition Program Award Recipients

NSNA is thrilled to have such supportive faculty and advisors involved in its program. They encourage student participation in NSNA; send students to Convention and MidYear, and support the NSNA Leadership U program.

Specific publications for faculty include Deans Notes and Guidelines for Consultants and Advisors. There are also many educational programs for faculty, consultants, and advisors at the MidYear Conference and Annual Convention.

Use the
Faculty Advisor Update/Request for Information Form to let us know if you are a newly appointed Faculty Advisor or State Consultant.