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    Brick by Brick: Nursing Foundations

    Bylaws and Policies Committee:                                                                                             

    Tanya Davis, Chair
    Johanna Bridges
    Shawn Guerette

    Bylaws Seasonal Memos 
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    Bylaws Resources
    Visit the resources link below.

    Additional Resources
    NSNA Bylaws
    Setting the Stage, Do's and Don'ts of Bylaws
    Bylaws & Policies Presentation  Elizabeth Long, Bylaws Chair
    NSNA Health Care Reform White Paper/Policy Statement

    Shared Governance
    Board Fiduciary Responsibilities 
    Sample House of Delegates Script
    Shared Governance FAQ
    References and Resources
    Guidelines for Planning: Shared Governance, Bylaws, and Policies

    Bylaws Videos

    NSNA Resources for School and State Chapters

    Margaret Ngai
    Understanding Bylaws & Policy as a Student